HIGH WIND IN CHINA 中國可再生能源之風力發電市場現狀分析

HIGH WIND IN CHINA 中國可再生能源之風力發電市場現狀分析
China's renewable energy mandates motivate huge growth in its wind energy market, spurring production of composite components on the Chinese mainland.中國的可再生能源激勵任務大幅度增長,其風力發電市場刺激生產的複合材料零部件,對中國內地.

Source: REpower來源:熱力
Although China has lagged behind the rest of the world in wind turbine size/ power-generating capacity, Chinese turbine producer DFSTW , Germany-based technology partner REpower and the Chinese city of Qingdao recently signed a memorandum of understanding to build one of the first offshore wind farms in China, a demonstration project that will feature five 5-MW turbines like the one pictured.雖然中國已經落後於世界各地的風力大小/發電能力,中國汽輪機製造汽輪機,德國的技術合作夥伴,熱力和中國青島市近日簽訂了一項諒解備忘錄,以建立一第一離岸風力農場,在中國,一個示範項目,將推出五項5兆瓦汽輪機像一個幻想.
Currently the sixth-largest wind energy market in the world, with close to 2,620 MW of installed capacity, China also ranks fifth in the amount of wind power generating capacity installed in 2006, adding more than 1,370 MW of new capacity.目前第六大風力發電場之一,在全球擁有近2,620兆瓦的裝機容量,中國還排名第五的數額風力發電裝置容量在2006年加入超過1,370兆瓦的新的能力. Although that represents half of the capacity installed in the U.S. during the same period, it also accounts for less than 1 percent of China’s annual demand for electricity.雖然這代表著一半的容量,安裝在美國在同一時期,還占不到1%,我國每年的電力需求. China, in fact, is second only to the U.S. as a consumer of electricity and has the fastest growing energy demand in the world.中國,在事實上,是僅次於美國作為一個消費者供電,並已最快的能源需求的增長世界. That leaves room for huge growth in wind energy.這留下了巨大的增長,風能.
Determined to reduce its dependence on coal and imported oil, China’s centralized government enacted the Renewable Energy Law (effective Jan. 1, 2006), which mandates that at least 5 percent of electricity must be generated from renewable sources by 2010 and 10 percent by 2020.決心減少依賴煤炭和石油進口的,中國的中央集權政府制定了可再生能源法(2006年1月1日)任務中,至少有5%的電力必須來自可再生能源,到2010年10%2020. To meet that goal, China must have 30,000 MW (or 30 gigawatts) of wind power capacity by 2020, which translates into roughly 2,100 MW installed per year for the next 13 years.要實現這一目標,中國必須擁有30,000兆瓦(或30千瓦)風力發電能力到2020年,其中化為大約2,100兆瓦裝置每年為未來13年. Further, the law requires that 70 percent of China’s wind power components be sourced locally by 2010, and it offers financial incentives, including a national fund intended to foster development of renewable energy as well as discounted lending and tax relief.此外,法律規定,中國70%以上的風力發電部件將在當地採購2010年它提供財政誘因,包括國家基金,旨在促進可再生能源的發展,以及折扣優惠和稅務減免. Given this encouragement, analysts such as Credit Suisse forecast that wind power capacity in China will grow 39 percent annually from 2004 to 2010 and 20 percent annually from 2010 to 2020.鑒於這種鼓勵,分析家例如瑞士信貸銀行預測,風力發電能力將增長39%,每年從2004年到2010年百分之二十的速度遞增,由2010年至2020年. According to industry estimates in 2006, China will spend $200 billion (USD) on renewable energy during that period.據業內人士估計,2006年,中國將耗資200億(美元),可再生能源在這期間.
China’s renewable energy mandate has dramatically changed the country’s wind energy landscape.我國可再生能源的任務,大大改變了我國風能景觀. At the end of 2000, there were roughly 10 wind turbine manufacturers in China, but only five produced turbines of 600 kW or greater.截至2000年底,共有大約10個風力渦輪機製造商在中國,但只有5個風力渦輪機生產的600千瓦或更大. By late 2006, however, there were more than 30 turbine manufactur-ers — 24 domestic and at least seven foreign either producing or preparing to produce turbine components on Chinese soil.2006年年底,但共有30多名汽輪機製造商-培訓-24國內至少有七名外籍要麼生產或準備生產汽輪機部件在中國的大地上. Given the demand for electric power and Beijing’s incentives, experts believe the number of players will continue to increase.由於對電力的需求和北京的誘因,專家認為,一些球員將繼續增加.
Although they are more numerous, Chinese companies initially lagged behind foreign-based manufacturers, producing less than a quarter of China’s installed turbines, in part because domestic manufacturers have been slower to ramp up to utility-scale (1 MW or larger) turbines.雖然他們是多不勝數,中國公司在最初落後于國外的廠商,產不足一個季度,中國安裝渦輪機,部分原因是因為國內廠商已經慢坡道高達事業規模(1兆瓦或較大)的渦輪. Also, domestic turbines usually featured fixed-pitch, constant-speed control systems, which are less efficient than the variable-pitch, variable-speed control systems now common in the West.而且,國內通常渦輪精選固定攤位,恒速度控制系統,該系統的效率比可變螺距,變速控制系統,目前常見於西方.
Technology Acquisitions and Joint Ventures科技收購,合資合作
To close the technology gap, many Chinese manufacturers have acquired foreign technology, either by purchasing production licenses from or by forming joint ventures/cooperative agreements with major turbine producers.關閉的技術差距,許多中國製造商收購外國技術,要麼通過購買生產許可證或者通過組建合資/合作協定汽輪機主要生產者. Although licenses commonly give Chinese companies more control, the most accessible technology is usually somewhat outdated.雖然執照普遍給予中國公司更大的控制權,最方便的技術,通常是有點過時. Cooperative development, by con-trast, grants domestic turbine manufacturers access to newer designs and the right to manu-facture turbines locally, albeit with greater foreign involvement.合作社的發展,由切面,助學金渦輪國內廠商獲得新的設計權和馬努-折斷輪機本地儘管更多外商參與.
Early domestic players were sometimes the result of “arranged marriages.” China’s former State Development and Planning Commission’s (SDPC) 1997 “Ride the Wind Program,” for example, encouraged the import of wind power technology to kick-start domestic turbine manufacturing.早期國內球員,有時是因為"包辦婚姻"中國原國家發展計畫委員會(國家計委)1997年"坐風計畫",例如,鼓勵進口,風力發電技術,以啟動國內汽輪機製造業等. The program spawned two joint ventures (JVs); these started with a 20 percent local content requirement, with a goal to increase to 80 percent as experience allowed.節目引起了兩個合資企業(合資企業);這些開始,以20%的當地含量的要求,同一個目標,以提高至80%作為經驗容許的.

Source: Nordex來源:nordex
Nordex produces wind blades using a resin-infused sandwich construction.nordex產生風力葉片用樹脂灌注夾層施工. Blades are fabricated at its Rostock, Germany facility and in China, at its Dongying, Shandong Province, facility.葉片裝配在羅斯托克,德國設施,在中國,在山東省東營,設施. Here, a Rostock technician lays up Gurit Corecell foam core, which is supplied already cut and kitted.在這裏,羅斯托克技術員奠定了guritcorecell泡沫核心,即供應已經削減和用具.
The first JV, Yituo-MADE (Luoyang) Wind Turbine Co. (Luoyang, Henan Province), was formed by Spain-based MADE Renewable Technology and Luoyang-based China YiTuo Group.第一個合資企業,在實際製作(洛陽)風力發電有限公司(河南洛陽),是由西班牙的發可再生能源技術和洛陽為本,中國在實際組. By 2000, the company was producing 330-kW and 660-kW turbines, with the latter 60 percent locally sourced.到2000年,該公司生產的330千瓦和660千瓦的風力渦輪機,後者60%的本地原材料. Yituo-MADE, is now defunct and MADE filed for bankruptcy in 2003 and was bought by Spanish turbine manufacturer Gamesa Eólica SA (Victoria, Spain).在實際的,現在已經不存在了申請破產,在2003年購買了由西班牙製造渦輪艾維斯eólica颯(維多利亞,西班牙). The second JV, Xi’an Nordex Wind Turbine Co. Ltd. (Xi’an, Shaanxi Province), was a 40/60 arrangement between Nordex (Norderstedt, Germany) and Xi’an Aero-Engine Group, which produced a 600-kW wind turbine.第二個合資企業,西安nordex風力發電有限公司(西安,陝西省),這是一個40/60關係的安排nordex(norderstedt,德國),西安航空發動機集團,探索出了一條600千瓦的風力渦輪機.
Both JVs met with limited success in part because the selected Chinese aerospace industry companies had little experience or interest in manufacturing turbines.雙方合資會見了有限的成功,部分是因為選定的中國航太工業公司,沒有什麼經驗或興趣在製造渦輪機. Xi’an Nordex, however, remains active, producing both 600-kW and 250-kW turbines, with a capacity of between 150 and 250 units annually.nordex西安,但依然活躍,既生產600千瓦至250千瓦的風力渦輪機,一座容量為150至250個單位左右.
Among the original group of domestic producers, Goldwind Science and Technology Co. Ltd. (Urumqi, Xinjiang Province) is China’s oldest, largest and most experienced manufacturer.除原有的77條國內生產者,goldwind科技有限公司(新疆烏魯木齊省),是中國最早的,全球最大和最有經驗的廠商. Goldwind’s 20 percent share of the Chinese market in 2005 has grown, some sources say, to as much as 40 percent, thanks not only to the Renewable Energy Law’s local-content mandate but its early push to produce turbines of 1.5 MW and larger, as well.goldwind的20%份額的中國市場在2005年有所增長,但有消息說,高達40%,致謝,不僅對可再生能源法的當地含量的任務,但其早日推動渦輪產生1.5兆瓦而面積較大,等.
Goldwind was founded in 1997 when Urumqi-based parent company Xinjiang Wind Energy Co. Ltd. bought a license to manufacture 600-kW wind turbines from Jacobs Energie GmbH, now part of global turbine manufacturer REpower Systems AG (Hamburg, Germany).goldwind創立於1997年,烏魯木齊市的母公司新疆風能有限公司買了許可證生產600千瓦風力發電從雅各能源股份有限公司,現已成為全球製造汽輪機熱力系統銀(德國漢堡). Goldwind turbines are 90 percent locally produced, including the rotor blades, which are supplied to Goldwind by Zhonghang (Baoding) Huiteng Windpower Equipment Co. Ltd. (Baoding, China).goldwind輪機90%本地出產,其中包括轉子葉片這是供應給goldwind由陳忠(保定)輝騰風能設備有限公司(保定,中國).

Source: Nordex來源:nordex
Goldwind first licensed REpower’s 48-kW to 750-kW turbine technology in 2002 and then acquired a license in 2003 from Vensys Energiesysteme GmbH (Saarbrücken, Germany) for its Vensys 62 1.2-MW turbine (62m/205-ft rotor diameter).goldwind第一家熱力的48千瓦至750千瓦的渦輪技術,2002年便獲得了許可,2003年vensys戊烷GmbH公司(呂肯,德國),供其vensys62120兆瓦汽輪機(62m/205-ft轉子直徑). When Vensys developed a low wind speed version with a larger 64m/211-ft diameter rotor that increased output to 1.5 MW, Goldwind acquired the license for that turbine as well and is currently working with Vensys to produce 2.0-MW and 2.5-MW turbines.當vensys制定了風速低版本有較大64m/211-ft轉子直徑增加產量到150兆瓦,goldwind收購許可證,汽輪機,並正與vensys生產2.0兆瓦和2.5兆瓦輪機. Goldwind hopes to begin manufacture this year and will supply offshore wind farms.goldwind希望開始生產,今年可供應離岸風力農場. Its 2006 production goal — collective turbine capacity of 300 MW to 400 MW — was doubled for 2007.其2006年的生產目標--集體機組容量為300兆瓦至400兆瓦增加了一倍,為2007年.
Goldwind recently beat out foreign and domestic competitors to win the contract for 33 wind turbines (1.5-MW Vensys 77 systems) for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.goldwind最近擊敗了國內外眾多競爭對手,贏得合同33個風力渦輪機(150兆瓦vensys77系統)爭取到2008年奧運會在北京舉行. The company operates plants in Xinjiang, Guangdong, Zhejiang and Hebei Provinces and is building plants in Beijing and Inner Mongolia.該公司工廠在新疆,廣東,浙江,河北兩省,是建設廠在北京和內蒙古. In February, Goldwind signed a six-year contract with LM Glasfiber (Lunderskov, Denmark) to supply blades for Vensys 70 and 77 turbines and develop blades for Goldwind’s next generation of 2-MW and larger turbines at LM’s factory in Tianjin.二月,goldwind簽署了為期6年的合同,與glasfiber鎊(倫訥斯考,丹麥),以供應刀片vensys70和77輪機和發展刀片goldwind的下一代2兆瓦和大型水輪機鎊的工廠在天津舉行.
Gaining ground on the leaders is Zhejiang Yunda Windey (Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province), which licensed 600-kW and 750-kW production technology, installation and after-sales service from REpower in 2002, earning a reported 1.4 percent share of the Chinese turbine market in 2005.抬頭的領導人是浙江省雲windey(浙江省杭州市)持牌600千瓦和750千瓦的生產工藝,安裝和售後服務,從熱力,2002年賺取報1.4%的份額,中國汽輪機市場,在2005年. While early models relied heavily on imported components, the company today claims 80 percent local content for its 750-kW unit and 100 percent localization of its 250-kW unit.而早期型號依賴進口元件,該公司今天聲稱80%當地含量為750千瓦機組和100%本地化,其250千瓦的機組. The company’s 20,000m2 (215,278-ft2) facility can produce 100 sets of each system annually.該公司的20,000平方米(215278-平方英尺)設施,可以生產100套系統每年一次. In December 2006, the company signed an agreement with Bristol, U.K.-based wind power consultancy Garrad Hassan to obtain engineering design and training support for the development of new 1.5-MW wind turbines.2006年12月,該公司簽訂了一項協定,布裏斯托英國的風能顧問哈桑garrad取得工程設計和培訓服務,協助開發新的1.5兆瓦風力輪機. Also, the state-owned China Energy Conservation Investment Corp. (CECIC, Beijing), recently bought a 47.5 percent stake in the company.同時,國有的中國節能投資公司(獨資,北京),最近購買了47.5%股份. CECIC ’s wholly owned subsidiary, Beijing Guotou Energy Conservation Co. (Beijing), is developing the Zhangbei Manjing I wind farm in Hebei Province (planned for 45 MW to 1 GW of capacity) and also operates the 45-MW TuoLi project in Xinjiang, which is slated for an additional 55 MW of development.獨資的全資子公司,北京崔武節約能源有限公司(北京)正在研製張蔓菁我風力農場河北省(計畫為45兆瓦增至1兆瓦的發電能力)並設有45兆瓦托裏項目,在新疆,這是友誼賽,增加55兆瓦的發展. Zhejiang Yunda Windey is supplying turbines for both projects.浙江雲windey供應渦輪兩個項目.
各持牌香港中華廠商公用事業規模的風力渦輪機是兩個進入國內風力發電市場提供1兆瓦或較大的渦輪機. In 2004, Dongfang Steam Turbine Works (DFSTW, Deyang, Sichuan Province) licensed REpower’s 1.5-MW turbine technology, producing turbines and installing four units in 2005.2004年,東方汽輪機廠(汽輪機,德陽四川省)牌熱力的1.5兆瓦汽輪機技術,渦輪製造和安裝4台機組在2005年.The REpower license was extended to permit local manufacture of the MD 77 1 .5-MW and MM 77 2 .0-MW units in 2006.熱力的許可期限,准許本地製造的導彈防禦771000.5-5兆瓦和77毫米2000.0-MW機組於2006年完成. DFSTW reportedly has annual production of 200 turbines (300 MW capacity).汽輪機報集團每年生產的200渦輪機(300兆瓦容量). In April, DFSTW contracted with Windtec, a wholly owned subsidiary of American Superconductor Corp. (AMSC, Westborough, Mass.) for Windtec-developed 2.5-MW systems.今年4月,汽輪機患windtec一家獨資子公司美國超導體公司(蚊,westborough,麻州),為windtec研製2.5兆瓦的系統. DFSTW plans to begin production of the 2.5-MW systems by the end of 2009.汽輪機計畫開始生產的2.5兆瓦的系統,到2009年底. In a 2006 news report, DFSTW , REpower and the Qingdao Municipality signed a memorandum of understanding to build one of the first offshore wind farms in China, a demonstration project of five 5-MW turbines.在2006年新聞報導,汽輪機,熱力和青島市政府簽署了一份諒解備忘錄,以建立第一個海上風力農場中國的一個示範項目55兆瓦的風力渦輪機.
Joint Ventures Spur Quick Development合資刺激快速發展
In December 2005, Nordex launched a joint venture with two companies in Ningxia Province to produce MW-class turbines.2005年12月推出nordex合資的兩家公司,在寧夏省生產兆瓦級的風力渦輪機. Ningxia Electric Power Group and the Ningxia Tianjing Electric Energy Development Group will own 40 percent and 10 percent of the venture, respectively, while Nordex assumes the remaining 50 percent.寧夏電力集團,寧夏天京電能開發集團將分別擁有40%和10%合資,分別在nordex承擔餘下的50%. This was a strategic move because both Chinese companies are owners of the Helanshan wind farm, one of the largest wind projects in China with 110 MW of installed capacity and massive expansion expected.這是一項戰略性舉措,因為中國公司是業主的賀蘭山風力發電場,其中一個最大的風能項目,在中國有110兆瓦裝機容量的大規模擴張預期. Representing a total investment of $12 million, the JV, Nordex Wind Power Equipment Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (Yinchuan, Ningxia Province), produced its first 1.5-MW turbines in November 2006 for its first major order of more than 130 turbines or 200 MW.占總投資額1200萬美元,合資,nordex風力發電設備製造有限公司(銀川,寧夏省)產生了首批150兆瓦發電機組在2006年11月進行了首次重大秩序超過130水輪機或200兆瓦.
In 2001, Nordex also acquired a 66.67 percent stake in Qingdao Huawei Wind Power Co. Ltd. (Qingdao, Shandong Province) to develop the Qingdao wind farm for Qingdao-based Chinese partner Dongyi Industrial Corp. Twelve 1.3-MW turbines operate there.2001年nordex還獲得了66.67%的股權華為青島風力發電有限公司(青島山東省)制定的青島風力發電場,對青島的中方合夥東夷工業股份有限公司12130兆瓦的發電機組經營.
Perhaps the most successful JV to date is Nantong CASC Wanyuan Acciona Wind Turbine Manufacture Co. Ltd. (NCWA, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province), created in 2005.也許最成功的合資企業,迄今為止南通集團公司婉媛acciona風力發電機製造有限公司(全國,江蘇省南通市),於2005年設立. Formed between Acciona Energia (Sarriguren, Navarra, Spain) and CASC , a state-owned aerospace conglomerate that develops, manufactures and launches space system vehicles, Acciona has installed 3,674 MW of wind energy systems on 137 farms in nine countries and has ownership interest in 2,492 MW of these.之間形成accionaEnergia公司(sarriguren,那瓦勒,西班牙)集團公司是一家國有航空集團的發展方向,製造和發射航太系統的車輛,acciona已安裝的3,674兆瓦的風力發電系統,對137個農場,在九個國家和所有者權益2,492兆瓦. The company has three facilities that can produce up to 1,120 turbines annually.該公司有三個設施,可以產生高達1,120每年渦輪機.

Source: Shi Pengfei, China Hydropower Engineering Consulting Group來源:施鵬飛,中國水電工程顧問集團
At the opening ceremony (top) for successful joint venture Nantong CASC Wanyuan Acciona Wind Turbine Manufacture Co. Ltd., the company’s AW-1500 1.5-MW turbine takes center stage.在開幕儀式上(頂)成功合資南通集團公司婉媛acciona風力發電機製造有限公司公司的仙-1500150兆瓦汽輪機採取中心舞臺. In the bottom photo, the first turbine head built by DFSTW (Dongfang Steam Turbine Works) leaves the company’s factory.在底部圖片,第一渦輪頭建成汽輪機(東方汽輪機廠)葉公司的工廠.
Acciona and CASC each own 45 percent of NCWA , with the remaining 10 percent held by Hispano-Chinese marketing firm Inceisa.acciona集團公司各擁有45%的全國委員會在餘下的10%由西班牙-中國銷售公司inceisa. A relative newcomer to the industry, Acciona began production in 2004, manufacturing 576 units by year-end 2006, a three-year total it expects to match in 2007 alone.一個比較新的產業,acciona投產,2004年生產576個單位,2006年底,一項為期3年的總期望,以配合在2007年就有. The company has developed a 3-MW turbine that it hopes to put into production soon.該公司已開發了3兆瓦汽輪機,它希望投產快.
In 2006, NCWA opened a $31 million factory in Nantong — at 103,000m2 (more than 1.1 million ft2), it was then the largest of its kind in China — with an annual capacity of 400 units (600 MW).2006年,全國開設了310萬美元的工廠在南通-103,000平方米(110多萬平方英尺)這在當時全國最大的實物在中國年產400套(600兆瓦). The facility will manufacture AW-1500 1.5-MW turbines, with rotor blades as long as 40m/130 ft. A second phase is expected to increase capacity to 900 turbines per year.該設施將製造仙-15001.5兆瓦的風力渦輪機,轉子葉片只要40m/130英尺第二階段預計載客量增加至900元,輪機一年. Its first delivery was for 33 turbines modified for low-temperature operation that were installed in the 49.5-MW Zhangbei wind farm, developed by the China Guotou group in Hebei Province.第一次交貨為33渦輪改裝的低溫運行,安裝了49.5兆瓦的張北風力發電場,發達的中國崔武集團在河北. It also signed an agreement to supply 67 turbines between October 2006 and February 2007 for the 100.5-MW LongYuan Qidong farm for the China Longyuan Guodian Group in Jiangsu Province.此外,還簽訂了協議,以供應67渦輪之間2006年10月和2007年2月為100.5兆瓦龍源啟東農場,為中國郭店龍源集團在江蘇省.
In May 2006, LM Glasfiber announced it had completed a long-term supply agreement with NCWA in which LM will produce blades for NCWA ’s 1.5-MW turbines from LM’s factory in Tianjin.2006年5月,長征glasfiber宣佈,它已完成一項長期供應協議,與全國其中鎊將產生葉片為全國的1.5兆瓦的風力渦輪機,從鎊的工廠在天津舉行.
In addition to licensing agreements with domestic manufacturers, REpower established in 2006 a joint venture, REpower North, to produce its own turbines in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, a region that has 40 percent of China’s total wind resources (reportedly enough to provide 300,000 MW of power).除了許可協議,與國內廠商,熱力于2006年設立的合資公司,熱力北出示自己的渦輪機在內蒙古包頭市,該地區有40個,占中國進出口總額的風力資源(據說足以提供300兆瓦的功率). Partners include state-owned steel and heavy construction equipment manufacturer North Heavy Industry Corp. (NHIC, Baotou, Inner Mongolia) and London, U.K.-based wind farm developer Honiton Energy Ltd., which had already committed 650 million yuan ($85.2 million) for wind farm developments in the region.合作夥伴包括國有鋼鐵和重型建築設備製造商北方重工股份有限公司(nhic,包頭,內蒙古),倫敦.英國的風力發電場頭發展能源有限公司其中已承諾650億元人民幣(約85.2萬美元),用於風電場地區的發展.
REpower North plans to install 100 MM70 and MM82 2 .0-MW turbines in 2008, manufactured mostly from Chinese-produced components.北熱力計畫安裝100mm70mm82和2000.0兆瓦發電機組在2008年以前製造的大部分來自中國大陸生產的零件. The company also plans to double production capacity each year until 2010, with final capacity of 400 2-MW turbines per year, nearly half of which are destined for Inner Mongolia.該公司還計畫增加一倍,生產能力每年直至2010年最終容量2400兆瓦的發電機組每一年中,有將近一半是運往內蒙古.
Foreign Companies Put Down Roots外國公司落地生根
The “local source” provision of China’s Renewable Energy Law has motivated most of the major foreign wind companies to build factories in China."當地源",提供中國可再生能源法已促使大部分的外國大公司風建設工廠在中國. For example, while Nordex considers its joint ventures as a good starting base for its efforts in China, it has realigned its activities to “intensify our local added value for larger machines,” according to Eberhard von Perfall, head of the Nordex Supervisory Board, by investing heavily in wholly owned production capacity.舉例來說,雖然nordex認為,其合資企業是一個好的開始基地的努力中,它已重新調整其活動,以"加強我們的本地附加值較大的機,"根據乾燥von佩法爾,團長的nordex監事會,在投入了大量的全資擁有的生產能力. In early 2005, Nordex opened a new 4,000m2 (43,055-ft2) blade production facility in Baoding (Hebei Province), where it is said to be producing 99 blades per year as well as other components for its N60 (60m/197-ft diameter) 1.3-MW turbines.2005年初,nordex開闢了新的4000平方米(43055-平方英尺)葉片生產設施,保定(河北),據說是生產葉片99元,以及其他部件的N60號(60m/197-ft直徑)1.3兆瓦的風力渦輪機. In January, Nordex opened a new rotor blade factory in Dongying (Shandong Province).在一月,nordex開闢了新的轉子葉片廠東營(山東省). Constructed in a record six months, the Nordex (Dongying) Wind Power Equipment Manufacturing Co. facility represents a ?20 million ($26.8 million USD ) investment.興建創下六個月該nordex(東營)風力發電設備製造有限公司設施是一個歐元,20萬美元(26.8萬美元)的投資. The company plans to use its initial production area of 8,400m2 (90,417 ft2) to build blades this year for 1.5-MW turbines produced at its Ningxia facility, eventually ramping up to 800 blades (400 MW) annually.該公司計畫利用其初始生產面積8400平方米(90417平方英尺)建立葉片今年1.5萬兆瓦渦輪產生了寧夏設施,最終升溫到800葉片(400兆瓦)左右. Nordex is planning additional production sites in China to satisfy strong local demand.nordex是規劃新增生產基地在中國,以滿足強勁的本地需求.

Source: Shi Pengfei, China Hydropower Engineering Consulting Group來源:施鵬飛,中國水電工程顧問集團
In 2005, Vestas AG (Randers, Denmark) opened a new $30 million plant in China’s Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area (TEDA) to produce 39m/128-ft blades for its V80 2 -MW turbines.2005年,毛銀(人為環境丹麥),開闢了新的價值30萬元的廠房在中國天津經濟技術開發區(泰達)出示39m/128-ft刀片其v802兆瓦的風力渦輪機. A wind power leader with 25 to 28 percent of worldwide turbine sales, Vestas built the world’s first offshore wind farm in Europe and was reported to own 38 percent of China’s wind turbine market in 2005.風力領導人,1925年至1928年占全球汽輪機銷售火柴建成了世界上第一個海上風力發電場,在歐洲,據報導,擁有38%的中國風汽輪機市場,在2005年完成. It got a head start when it merged with Randers-based NEG Micon in 2003, which had already earned a 29 percent share of the Chinese market.喝到頭開始時,合併調查此事為本45-49微米,2003年已經賺了29%份額的中國市場. By the end of 2006, Vestas had 666 installed turbines in China.到2006年底,火柴已安裝666個渦輪機中.
The Vestas factory is expanding.火柴的工廠正在擴大. Capacity will increase from 600 to 1200 blades by mid-2007 — an annual installed capacity of 800 MW.裝機容量將增加至600至1200刀片中旬2007年裝機容量為800兆瓦. With 285 employees in Tianjin at the end of 2006, Vestas announced that it also will establish a $23 million plant for the as-sembly of glass/polyester nacelles and cast iron hubs at the TEDA complex, with an annual capacity of 350 nacelles and hub assemblies.285名雇員,在天津舉行的2006年年底,火柴也宣佈將建立一個耗資2300萬廠,作為庫塞玻璃纖維/聚酯和艙內鑄鐵集線器在泰達複雜的,具有年產350艙內和轂元件.
Spain’s largest wind power producer, Gamesa Eólica, is part of the Spanish Gamesa group, which also owns wind farm developer Gamesa Energia, a partner in delivering turnkey projects, including complete wind farms.西班牙最大的風力發電公司,艾維斯eólica,屬於西班牙艾維斯集團其中還擁有風力農場的發展艾維斯Energia公司,合作夥伴提供交鑰匙工程,其中包括完整的風力發電場. In 2003, Gamesa Eólica acquired Spanish wind turbine manufacturer MADE Energias Renovables SA (Madrid), from Spanish utility Endesa, increasing its global market share to 15 percent and gaining good growth potential from Endesa’s large wind farm project pipeline.2003年,艾維斯eólica收購西班牙風力渦輪機製造商作出energiasrenovables颯(馬德里),從西班牙ENDESA的事業,增加其全球市場份額為15%左右,取得良好的增長潛力,從Endesa公司的大型風力發電場工程管線. Gamesa offers 850-kW and 2.0-MW turbines.艾維斯提供850千瓦至2.0兆瓦的風力渦輪機.
Gamesa began commercial activity in China in 1997.艾維斯開始商業活動,1997年中國. By 2005, it became the second largest foreign turbine manufacturer controlling 36 percent of the Chinese market, according to BTM Consult (Ringk?bing, Denmark).到2005年,它成為第二大外國渦輪製造商控制了36%的中國市場,據210.200.105.226詢(靈克賓,丹麥). Gamesa Energia began wind farm development in China in 2005 and amassed projects in nine Chinese provinces by 2006.艾維斯Energia公司開始風力農場的發展,中國在2005年和積累項目在中國9個省的2006年. Gamesa Eólica commissioned its first factory in China in 2006, a 41,644m2 (448,252-ft2) plant at Huayuan Technology Park in Tianjin, slated to produce 400 MW of its G5X 850 -kW turbines each year.艾維斯eólica委託其首次在中國設廠,在2006年一個41644平方米(448252-平方英尺)的工廠在華苑科技園區,在天津,預定產生400兆瓦的g5x850千瓦的發電機組,每年. A second plant at the same site manufactures blades for its G5X wind turbines.第二個廠在同一地點製成品刀片其g5x風力渦輪機. This wholly owned subsidiary, Gamesa Wind Tianjin, claimed to have 1,200 MW of wind capacity on its order books by September 2006, including the largest single order ever awarded in China: 601 wind turbines (worth ?240 million or about $320 million) for Longyuan Electric Power Group wind farms, with a total capacity of 510 MW.這個全資附屬公司,艾維斯風天津聲稱擁有1200兆瓦的風力發電能力的書籍,以便在2006年9月包括最大的單一秩序不斷批中國:601風力渦輪機(價值2.4億歐元,約合320萬美元)用於龍源電力集團風力發電與總容量達510兆瓦.
Having established a small foothold in the Chinese turbine market in 2005, GE Wind Energy (Tehachapi, Calif.) opened its first wind turbine assembly plant in 2006, in Shenyang (Liaoning Province), next to two other GE facilities.已設立了一個小型的立足點在中國汽輪機市場,在2005年,葛風能(tehachapi,加利福尼亞州)開設其第一個風力渦輪機裝配廠於2006年在瀋陽(遼寧省)旁邊兩個葛其他設施. One of the latter, the GE Energy (Shenyang) Co. Ltd. facility, a wholly owned subsidiary, will produce 1.5-MW turbines.後者之一,葛能源(沉陽)有限公司設施,一間全資附屬公司,將生產1.5兆瓦的風力渦輪機. GE’s installed base includes 30 turbines with 77m/253-ft-long blades (the longest in China at the time of manufacture) in the Zhangbei Guotou Wind Power Plant (Hebei Province, northwest of Beijing).GE公司安裝基地將建30個渦輪葉片77m/253-ft-long(最長當時中國製造)的崔武張北風力發電場(河北省京西北). This project could field as many as 1,000 turbines on a series of new wind farms by 2010.這一項目可以實地多達1000輪機一系列新的風力農場,2010年完成. GE also installed 67 1.5-MW units in 2006 for the Jiangsu Rudong Concession II Wind Project in Shenyang.葛振峰還安裝了67個1.5兆瓦發電機組在2006年為江蘇省如東縣優惠二風能項目在瀋陽. The remaining 33 units for the 150-MW wind farm were to be installed this year.其餘33個單位為150兆瓦的風力發電場分別被安裝在今年.
suzlon(Pune,印度),排名第六,在全世界風力發電生產開闢了80萬(美元)的工廠,在中國東部的港口城市天津今年早些時候. The 250,000m2 (2,690,977-ft2) plant — Suzlon’s and China’s largest wind turbine plant to date — will fabricate generators and integrate rotor blades, nacelles and control panels, with an annual capacity of 600 MW to 800 MW.250,000平方米(2,690,977-平方英尺)植物suzlon和中國最大的風力發電廠日期將編造發電機和整合轉子葉片,艙內及控制屏,年產600兆瓦提升至800兆瓦. Suzlon plans eventually to erect six more plants, a maintenance center and a technology center.suzlon計畫最終安裝6個廠,一個維修中心和技術中心.
Home-Grown Technology首頁-種植技術
While the market seems large enough to accommodate foreign and domestic producers, wind farm developers (ac-cording to current estimates) can acquire a domestically produced turbine for two-thirds the cost of a foreign equivalent.雖然市場似乎足以容納外國和國內生產者,風電場開發商(交流,並根據目前的估計)購買國產汽輪機三分之二的費用外當量. Because turbines comprise 60 to 70 percent of the overall wind farm development expense, Chinese wind farm developers likely will push for increased domestic production, and Chinese equipment manufacturers will continue their drive to acquire the expertise to build complete wind turbines locally.由於渦輪由60%到70%的整體風電場的開發費用,中國風電場開發商可能會推動國內生產增加中國設備製造商將繼續他們的活動,獲取知識,以建立完整的風輪機在當地. Therefore, new companies are entering the market, often from related industries, and industry analysts believe this will continue — a phenomenon that eventually will reduce wind turbine prices not only in China but worldwide.因此,新公司進入市場,往往是從相關行業,工業分析家相信這會繼續下去這種現象最終會降低風力發電的價格,不僅在中國,而且在全世界.

Source: Shi Pengfei , China Hydropower Engineering Consulting Group來源:施鵬飛,中國水電工程顧問集團
The rotor blade assembly for a Goldwind 77 1.5-MW wind turbine is hoisted into position for final assembly.轉子葉片大會作goldwind771.5兆瓦的風力渦輪是懸掛成位置進行最後組裝. Goldwind is the oldest, largest and most experienced Chinese turbine manufacturer.goldwind是歷史最悠久,團員最多和最有經驗的中國水輪機製造商.
Among the newcomers is Harbin Hafei-Winwind Wind Power Equipment Co. Ltd. (Harbin, Heilongjiang Province), a 2004 startup that completed testing of a 1.2-MW turbine design in early 2006 with production to start by year’s end.其中新人,是哈爾濱哈飛-winwind風力發電設備有限公司(哈爾濱市,黑龍江省)2004年啟動,測試完成了1.2兆瓦汽輪機設計於2006年初與生產開始由去年的結束. Formed in 2004, the company says its new turbine was developed independently from its own design and intellectual property — a first for a domestic Chinese manufacturer.成立於2004年,該公司說,它的新渦輪機是自主開發的,由自己設計及保護知識產權的一中國國內廠商. It is a joint venture between Winwind (Oulu, Finland) and Harbin Hafei Mechanical & Electrical Products Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (a subsidiary of Harbin Power Equipment Group, one of the largest producers of electrical generators in China).它是一個合營企業之間winwind(奧盧芬蘭),哈爾濱哈飛機電產品製造有限公司(子公司哈爾濱動力設備集團最大生產國之一的發電機在中國). Shanghai Electric Group Corp. (SEC, Shanghai) — China’s largest producer of electrical equipment — has established a branch institute in Shanghai Dianji University, targeting R&D for Shanghai-made turbines.上海電氣集團股份有限公司(秒,上海)-中國最大的生產電力設備,已經設立了一個分院,在上海電機學院,針對研發滬產發電機組. Although SEC currently manufactures 1-MW wind turbine generators, a company official revealed that “SEC intends to develop a ‘Shanghai home-grown technique’ to produce 2-MW turbine generators.” Reportedly, SEC will cooperate with three local universities in research on the project and will apply the technology to wind farms in Shanghai’s Nanhui and Chongming Districts.雖然證交會製成品,目前1兆瓦的風力發電機,公司官員透露,"證交會打算建立一個'上海土生土長技術'來產生2兆瓦的渦輪發電機."據報導,證交會將與三所大學的研究專案和適用技術的風力農場,在上海的南匯和崇明地區.
Chinese Wind Blade Manufacturers中國風葉片製造
Wind blades consume the bulk of the composites in a turbine, although most manufacturers use fiberglass/polyester nacelles to house the turbine drivetrain.風葉片消耗了大部分的複合渦輪,雖然大多數廠家使用的玻璃纖維/聚酯艙內容納渦輪傳動. Because blade construction tends to be the most labor-intensive portion of turbine manufacture, turbine producers have made local blade factories a priority — Vestas, for example, opened its blade plant prior to its turbine assembly facility.因為推土施工往往是最勞動密集型部分汽輪機製造,汽輪機生產已使當地刀片廠優先火柴,例如開放其刀片廠之前,其汽輪機裝配設施. Domestic wind blade manufacturers are starting to multiply as well.國內風力葉片製造商開始繁殖等.
Zhonghang (Baoding) Huiteng Windpower Equipment Co. Ltd. (HT Blade), is a U.S.-China cooperative enterprise established in 2001 and owned by Tang Energy Group Ltd. (Dallas, Texas), Baoding Huiyang Aviation Propeller Factory, and China Aviation Gas-Turbine Power (Group) Corp. HT Blade has acquired a majority share of the Chinese-made blade and nacelle cover market.陳忠(保定)輝騰風能設備有限公司(高溫葉片),是一個中美合作企業成立於2001年,擁有唐能源集團有限公司(德克薩斯州達拉斯)保定惠陽航空螺旋槳製造廠中國航空燃氣渦輪電力(集團)股份有限公司羥葉片獲得了大部分份額的國產刀片和吊籃複蓋市場. It is now preparing to export blades.現在正準備出口的葉片. The company began commercial production with 600-kW wind turbine blades in 2001 and in 2005, began producing larger blades in line with the Chinese market trend toward higher-rated, more efficient turbines.該公司開始商業化生產600千瓦風力機葉片在2001年和2005年開始產生較大的葉片符合中國市場的趨勢,高的,更有效的渦輪. HT Blade now is developing blades for turbines as large as 3.0 MW.羥刀片,現在正在制定葉片渦輪多達3.0兆瓦. HT Blade’s annual production capacity is 400 sets of 600-kW blades, 1000 sets of 750-kW blades and 200 to 500 sets of MW-series blades.高溫葉片的年生產能力為400套,600千瓦葉片1000套750千瓦的葉片和200至500套兆瓦系列刀片.
Big Land, Big Opportunities大土地,大機遇
The Chinese wind energy market has composite materials suppliers busy positioning products for wind blade applications.中國風能市場的複合材料供應商忙碌產品定位風力葉片的申請. Huntsman Advanced Materials (Schaffhausen, Switzerland and Woodlands, Texas), for example, makes epoxy resins specifically for wind blade production.亨斯邁先進材料(Schaffhausen,瑞士和林地,德州),例如,環氧樹脂,專供風葉片生產. Chambery, France-based Saint-Gobain Vetrotex has established an Asia-Pacific office in Shanghai to promote its continuous glass fiber fabrics for wind blade production, while Toledo, Ohio-based Owens Corning has developed new Windstrand glass fiber specifically for the same application.貝裏,法國的聖戈班集團vetrotex設立了亞太區辦事處,在上海,以促進其連續玻璃纖維織物風葉片生產,而托萊多,俄亥俄州的歐文斯科寧已經制訂了新windstrand玻纖專門為同一申請. Closer to home, CPIC /Fiberglass (Chongqing, China) markets domestic E-glass and E-CR glass to local wind blade factories.接近家中,安全措施/玻璃纖維(中國重慶)國內市場無堿玻璃和電子玻璃鉻當地風力葉片廠. Gurit (Wattwil, Switzerland) established a distribution base in Tianjin after it acquired SP Systems three years ago.gurit(瓦特維爾,瑞士)建立了基地分佈在天津後,它獲得SP方程三年前. Gurit’s Wind Energy Business Unit accounted for 50 percent of the company’s 2006 sales and, according to the firm, a 15 percent share of the overall composites market in wind energy.gurit風能業務單位占50%,該公司的2006年的銷售,據該律師事務所,15%左右的份額,整體市場的複合材料在風力能源. Gurit supplies epoxy gel coats, adhesives, laminating and infusion resins, glass and carbon prepregs and Corecell foam.gurit用品環氧膠衣,膠粘劑,層壓及輸液樹脂,玻璃和碳預浸corecell和泡沫. Carbon fiber, a key component of spars used in some of the longer blades for multimegawatt turbines, is making inroads in China, although more slowly than in the West.碳纖維的一個關鍵組成部分,利用浮台,在一些較長的葉片多兆瓦渦輪機,正在進展中,雖然越來越慢,在西方落下. Two key carbon suppliers in that push are Toray Industries (Tokyo, Japan) and St. Louis, Mo.-based Zoltek Inc. The use of carbon and prospects for its growth in wind blade construction are discussed in HPC ’s “Carbon in the Wind” feature, which begins on p.兩個關鍵炭供應,是推動東麗工業(日本東京)和聖路易斯2007型丙烯腈股份有限公司使用碳和前景,其生長在風推土施工討論高性能的"碳風"的專題,展開頁 40.40.
What’s become abundantly clear is that the Chinese market for composites in wind energy systems is in the midst of rapid growth and expansion that will merit this industry’s close scrutiny in the years to come.什麼是顯而易見的是,中國市場對複合材料在風力發電系統正處於迅速增長和擴大,這值得業界的矚目,在未來的歲月.

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